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You. Yes, you.

You, the father or mother, whose goals and dreams are for the family, above anything else.

You, the panganay—the firstborn child, who has taken on the responsibility of supporting your parents and siblings.

You, the son or daughter seen as the source of all hope, who bears the duty and expectation of uplifting your family from the bonds of poverty.

You, the elderly parent, who has no choice but to continue to work beyond your years because of circumstance.

You, the single parent, who needs to carry on with superhero-like strength, love, and understanding in raising your children.

Dear Breadwinner, please remember YOU. 

What about you? Kumusta ka? Paano ka?

Many times, we are like the horses in a race track. Trainers use blinders on racehorses so their vision only focuses on the track ahead. The blinders help keep them from getting distracted by other horses or the crowd. All they see is the direction of their path forward, nothing else.

Well, Breadwinner, you are not a horse. I have a feeling that sometimes you need reminding.

I hope you are not blindly going through life. I hope you are not disappearing and drowning in all your duties and responsibilities. I hope you are not driven by fear of disappointments because of expectations.

May I ask a few things that might help you balance things in your life?

What are your personal goals?

I’m not talking about your goals for the family. This is about YOU, remember? What goals do you have for yourself as an individual, as a singular person? These can be career, health, financial, or relationship goals. Promotion, master’s degree, or your own family?

Do you have your own savings?

Again, this is savings that is separate from the family budget. There might be different considerations and conversations for parents or spouses. Nonetheless, it is essential to organize your personal finances.

What do you do during your “Me Time”?

Do you even have a “Me Time”? Spend time with friends. Find a hobby. Get a massage. Dedicate a time and activity that is only for you. It can be as social or as introverted as you need it to be. It can be as simple or as adventurous as you’d like it to be. As long as it is for YOU.

How open are you with your family?

Maintain an honest communication with your family—the people you support, the people who depend on you. Let them know if you need help or if you are overwhelmed. The world is not meant to be carried on the shoulders of one person alone. Your strength and your family’s love and respect for you will not diminish if you ask for help.

Dear Breadwinner…

I admire your strength and dedication to your family. So you can continue taking care of others, please remember to take care of yourself. Please don’t sacrifice yourself, your health and wellbeing. 

Magtira ka ng para sa sarili mo.

With love and gratitude,


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