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When I grow up, I want to be…

We have dreams, then the twists and turns of life happen.

The Story of Jed

Born and raised in South Cotabato, young Jed Cabang had a simple dream—to finish a college degree. But because of life’s complications, it took time.

Young Jed had a wife and a baby. He wanted to provide for them and send his wife to school to finish her degree. So in 2009, he left his family with a heavy heart and went to Metro Manila for the first time on his own. He got a job at a security agency and was assigned as a guard at a big company in Taguig. When his wife graduated and started working as a licensed teacher in 2016, he decided to revive his dream and send himself to school.

The agency that employed him and its client company were supportive. They permitted him to work nights so he could go to school during the day. He attended classes from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., then worked from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. For three years, Jed barely slept. The housekeeping staff at work filled his mug with excess Starbucks brewed coffee left by guests in the office. It effectively kept him from falling asleep in school.

Because his salary wasn’t enough for tuition, he sold shoes online. Good Samaritans also helped him save money for school. A friend even let him stay in his apartment for cheap rent. 

Being a working student was extremely difficult and exhausting, but he always thought of his dream and his family.

In 2019, Jed graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Science and Business Management, Major in Operations from STI Global City. Achievement unlocked!

The security agency offered him an operations position, a big step from his previous work. But, he chose to go back to South Cotabato. He didn’t want to uproot his family from their stable lives at home.

Jed’s colorful and impressive full story was originally published in my second book, ASK FOR A BIGGER BLANKET (page 74), in 2019.

What happened to him?

Equipped with a degree, Jed went home to his family in South Cotabato and worked with TESDA for more than two years.

In March this year, the Department of Education hired him. On Sept. 6, he started his new job as Teacher II in the Senior High School Department of the Concepcion National High School in Koronadal City. He teaches Grade 11 and 12 students a variety of accounting, economics, social sciences, and agriculture subjects. He was also appointed as the District Outreach Head of their Church in Koronadal City.

At this point, Jed accepts all the twists and turns that life may bring. His 2021 was filled with trials. The most punishing was his bout of severe Covid which almost killed him. He realized that all those hardships passed because they are merely part of God’s great plan to lead him to great blessings this year.

With his faith, Jed has triumphed over many battles in his life. He knows that he will conquer many more.



When life keeps pushing us down, there may be times when we pity ourselves and think, What’s the point?

It’s okay to have these thoughts and emotions. But, keep going. 

Even if our dreams take us years to accomplish, let’s keep going.

Like Jed, let’s keep our dreams close to our heart and keep going.

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