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What will 2023 be for you?

As the door to 2022 closes, leave behind heartbreaks, disappointments, failures, and grief. Move on. And move forward.

Declare 2023 to be a year of whatever you need and want it to be. Claim it.

Will this be a year for healing?

Just like physical wounds, it will take time for “invisible” injuries to get better. Sometimes, we feel frustrated of our brokenness. We see ourselves damaged beyond repair. But all we need is time, patience, and self-compassion.

How can you make 2023 your year of healing? Find the type of therapy that suits your wounds. It can be connecting more with family and friends. It can be spending more quality alone time meditating, working out, and doing hobbies or whatever you need. Maybe it can start with a new hair style or a new pair of shoes. It can also be about sharing and helping others.

Will this be a year for financial recovery?

This year or the others that came before might have stretched the limits of your piggy bank. Maybe you needed to exhaust your resources for emergencies and crises. On the other hand, maybe you have been irresponsible in handling your money.

Pledge 2023 to be your year of financial recovery. Assess and plan. At the very least, learn the basics of personal financial literacy to be able to manage your salary, expenses, and savings. There is a rich pool of educational materials from mentors online.

Will this be a year for “finding yourself”?

There may be times when you don’t feel like yourself anymore because of expectations and responsibilities that turned you into a different type of person. You look in the mirror and you don’t recognize the person looking back. You miss a version of yourself that already seems so distant.

Some people might find the idea of “finding yourself” to be a laughable cliché these days. After all, not everyone has the luxury of time and money to go on a journey of self-discovery. People can’t just take a three-month break from work to travel from one country to another. Life isn’t the movies.


In real life—in YOUR real life, how can you find yourself again? Coaches and mentors from all over the world would give you one common piece of advice—find or reconnect with your PURPOSE. Whenever you feel lost, let your life purpose serve as your compass.

Will this be a year for true happiness?

Haven’t you suffered enough? Focusing on anything and everything that is going wrong and could go wrong in your life is self-torture.

How can you make 2023 a year for genuine happiness? Start by making an active and conscious decision to be happy. Sometimes, we are blind to the joy that surrounds us because we choose to focus on our pains.

True happiness goes hand in hand with gratitude. Make your Gratitude List. What are you grateful for in your life? Be specific.

Review your routine this year. What changes can you make in 2023? What can you add, subtract, or revise? Forget about grand resolutions at the beginning of the year. Most people don’t stick to those anyway. Focus on the small changes instead.

Your happiness starts from within your own self. Before exploring external things that can make you happy, search your soul. Are you standing in your own way of being happy?


Cheers to your 2023 declaration! Whatever you decide this year to be, make it yours. Happy New Year!

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