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Escape the Stagnant Stage: 5 Steps

Do you feel like there’s nothing happening in your life?
Does it seem like there’s no exciting milestone coming?
Have your days become too predictable and routine?

Your feelings are valid. You’re in, what I call, the flatline.

A crisis is about to erupt inside you. It’s boredom in its highest form. When it strikes, you have to fight back.

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You are in this state because you stayed in your comfort zone. Staying inside a safety bubble isn’t that bad. It might just mean you choose to be on the conservative side. It’s just that, you can’t stay long inside that bubble.

One must always grow to learn, survive, and dream bigger, not just for yourself but also for others.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to escape the flatline.

Acknowledge the feeling. Make it valid.

Everything starts with awareness. Identify what is going wrong. Make time for a self-checkand learn the art of self-talk. Focus on yourself.Why do you feel like you’re living a blandlife? You aren’t just bored. Instead, you have been staying in the same place for too long.

Identify your comfort zone.

Who created your comfort zone? Is it you? Is it someone important in your life? Or, did a particular circumstance bring it about? Do you enjoy staying inside your safety bubble? Are you willing to take some risks? What is keeping you from letting go and conquering your life?

Check out Alison Cardy’s, “4 Signs You’re Stuck in Your Comfort Zone (And You Don’t even know It).”

Evaluate your literal place in life.

Are you happy at your current location? Are you living with your parents? Do you consider your workplace a learning venue? Do you live in a city or town with opportunities for you to hone your talents? Your location affects your decision making. If living in an urban area hinders you from honing your skills, then consider living in a rural place.

Check out “21 Ways to Make a Difference in Your Community (and at Work)” by SusanSteinbrecher.

Form the dream team for your dream life..

One of the reasons you are in a stagnant stage is because of the people you spend your time with. The conversations you have every single day, directly and indirectly, affect the way you think and make sub-conscious and conscious decisions. Evaluate your peers. If you are in a relationship, it’s important that you both have an understanding of where your life is headed. If you are still living with your parents and/or siblings, it is essential for your family to know what you want. Support each other. Strengthen your team as you escape your safety bubble.

Keep reviving your dreams.

Keep working on your vision board. If you created one at the beginning of the year, I’m pretty sure it already needs to be updated. Give it a makeover. Relive that feeling of having bigger dreams. You feel like you’re in a stagnant stage because stopped dreaming for greater things. Envision yourself again in a better state. Make it come true!

Bottom line—people get stuck in their comfort zones because they chose to stay. What matters is that we find ways to escape and to never stop yearning for more. #journeyto100000ph

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