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How to Have a Guilt-Free Rest to Be More Productive

Resting is crucial for your success. But, some people think that if they have more time to rest,then they are being lazy. Getting enough rest is necessary if you are going to navigate your way through life.

How can you use rest to increase your productivity?

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Have enough sleep.

Sleep is the most essential part of resting. It helps your body restore itself. Adults should have at least seven to nine hours of sleep every day. According to statistics, 46% of adults across the world stated that they are exhausted when they have less than 7 hours of sleep.

Most people work themselves even through the entire night because they believe that it will lead to better results. However, sleep deprivation can cause decreased productivity.

Include at least 20 minutes of meditation, exercise, and writing in your gratitude journal every morning.

I always meditate every morning. It reduces my stress and anxiety. It also boosts my mood and improves my sleep. There are a lot of benefits from meditation. I use some meditation tools from Abraham Hicks, Mindvalley, Calm, and other mobile applications.

Aside from meditation, exercising for as little as 30 minutes a day can have a great impact. Though you aren’t resting your body, it gives your mind a break from stress. Exercising boosts your energy and improves how your brain performs. My form of exercise is walking—a lot.

My morning routine always includes reading Didache and the gospel for the day. I also write in my journal. I write about the things I am grateful for—from the day before and those that are about to come. I visualize the coming day in my mind. I give thanks even if it hasn’t even
occurred yet.

Have hobbies.

Find hobbies that will help you relax, boost your creativity, and take your mind off things. Sometimes, you can be inspired while doing another activity. Whatever hobby you choose, make sure it’s something you will enjoy. Give your mind and body a chance to rest from your

I love to read books and cross-stitch. There are so many good books to read as well, like Grit by Angele Dee Duckworth, Originals by Adam Grant, Start with the Why by Simon Sinek, and Nudge.

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Take time off once in a while.

Consistency is a major determinant of how successful you will be. Daily action helps build your talent. Some people spend up to 15 hours a day practicing the guitar. Consistency can be exhausting, though.

Take a few days off every once in a while. It will help increase the amount of energy that you can channel into your work when you resume.

Drop the electronic gadgets.

They say that the new heroine is the digital cocaine. Are you addicted to your gadgets? Can you stop using your gadgets even for a day?

When resting, try to reduce the amount of time you spend on your electronic devices. They can prevent you from having a good rest. When you are about to sleep, stay off of your phone and avoid watching TV. This will help you sleep faster and rest better.

Take rest seriously.

Taking rest for granted is a common mistake that people make. They fail to rest enough or not rest at all. To rest effectively, detach yourself from anything related to your work. When it is time to rest, do not look for reasons to do otherwise.

Rest whenever you can. The key to success is not about working hard or more. It’s about working more effectively. Resting will help you to achieve success.

All of us have preparation days, workdays, and definitely REST days. The other days will be useless without REST.

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