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Are you sick and tired of feeling unaccomplished?

Stop delaying your goals. Move closer to living your dreams!

Here’s a life-changing tool I learned from my mentor, Jack Canfield. This will help you to actually do something—take action—towards the things you want to achieve in life.  


Do five things every day that will lead you to achieve your goal.

Let’s say you work in real estate and your goal is to accomplish a sales quota in order to level up your career. What five things can you do every day to reach that quota? 

This can be your Rule of Five: (1) Meet with at least three prospective buyers. (2) Make at least 10 phone calls. (3) Send “thank you” notes to prospective clients you previously met. (4) View and study five properties. (5) Review and practice your sales pitch.

You can take breaks from your Rule of Five during holidays or rest days.

Let’s further illustrate using the examples from our previous newsletter (Are You Sabotaging Your Own Goals?).

If our goal is to lose weight, what five things can we do every day to achieve this?

This can be our Rule of Five: (1) No extra rice. (2) No processed sugar. (3) Walk 10,000 steps. (4) Drink at least three liters of water. (5) Eat more veggies.

We can also apply the Rule of Five in a broader approach. It doesn’t have to be limited to everyday actions.

If the goal is to buy a car, what five things can we consistently do to achieve this?

This can be our Rule of Five: (1) Set aside 20% of our monthly salary for a “car fund.” (2) Prepare office lunches and snacks at home. (3) Limit eating out to once a month. (4) Work on part-time weekend projects. (5) Rethink non-necessity purchases, especially from online shopping.

At present, one of my goals is to write my fourth book. (I can’t believe I’ve already published three! Excited for the next one!)

What five things am I doing to get closer to this goal?

This is my Rule of Five: (1) Regularly consult my publisher. (2) Write at least one thousand words of material a day. (3) Confirm six case studies to be featured in the book. (4) Review my coaching references. (5) Seek advice from my mentors.

Actions don’t have to be overwhelming. We might not be moving closer towards our goal because we feel pressured by the thought of taking giant leaps forward. The Rule of Five helps us to take action without feeling overworked or overwhelmed. Using this tool, we get to set our own rules for doing things at our own pace.

How about you? What is your Rule of Five? What five things can you do to get closer to your goal?

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