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What does the New Year mean to you? 

Of course, we have the celebratory countdown and midnight feast with family and friends. But, it can also be about so much more.

The New Year is an opportunity for a fresh start. It urges us to let go of a painful past and provides us with an opening to move forward. It marks a point in time that tells us, it’s okay to have made mistakes in the past, here is your chance to make things right. 

The New Year signifies a new beginning, a new us.

Goodbye 2021!

As we wrap up 2021, don’t forget to…


✓Learn from the bad.

✓Celebrate the good.

Declare 2022!

From everything we’ve learned from 2021, what will we declare our 2022 to be?

Declare 2022 to be a better year! Welcome the New Year with things you aspire to do.

It’s true that we’re still struggling with the pandemic. But, this struggle will pass. More people are already going back to work. Businesses and economies are recovering and rebuilding. The world is on the road to recovery.

Let’s not wait for things to get back to normal. That “old normal” will never come back. Instead, let’s move forward, knowing and accepting that we might need to learn to live with the virus. Let’s hope that one day, we will get to the point where we can treat it like the flu.

What does the New Year mean to me?

I declare my 2022 to be a year of reflection and meditation.

This year, online masses have made it possible for me to attend mass every day—something that I wasn’t able to do before. This consistency has done wonders for my spirit. Each morning I say, “Thank you Lord, I’m awake!” Before, on most days, I used to just jump out of bed and move on to the stuff I needed to do.

I was able to look back on how busy my life was before the pandemic. As I continue to be blessed with the gift of time, I will spend it enriching my spirit.

How about you? What is your declaration for 2022?


✓Be guided by the things you have learned in 2021.

✓Align your 2022 with the “new normal.”

✓Focus on the things you aspire to do this coming year.

Have a blessed 2022!

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